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If you aren’t sure what search retargeting is, that’s alright. We’re here to support you in your exploration of digital marketing, after all. Search retargeting is a technique that lets you recontact users who surfed your website but who unfortunately didn’t contact you to learn more (that’s what we call a conversion!). This is the strategy put forward when you’re looking for a birthday present online and—shortly after—ads for the desired product are repeatedly thrown at you. Furthermore, retargeting campaigns can take different forms: Facebook network, Google, YouTube, etc. You can therefore forget about the element of surprise if you share your computer with the birthday boy or girl. Generally speaking, for a retargeting campaign to be a hit, there are several manoeuvres that have been planned with finesse. Let us help you.


When a user shows interest,
convert it using retargeting

Does a search retargeting strategy apply to your company? That’s what our fine strategists will assess. If we move forward with a retargeting strategy, we will distribute your ads to people who previously visited your website—in other words, individuals who are already familiar with your brand, your services, or your products. And if you want to take the strategy even further? We can even target people who not only visited your website, but also filled out part of your contact form and offer them a discount on their first purchase. Of course, we can break down the different retargeting strategies according to the reality of your business.


Increase your conversion rate
and visibility with retargeting strategies

Here, we’ll do everything to increase your visibility and the conversion rate of your website. It goes without saying that we take this seriously. Search retargeting is a very attractive additional tool for many organizations. Our fine strategists will therefore be pleased to advise you on the type of campaign to focus on according to your business goals.



We evaluate your needs: increased visibility, conversion rate, etc.



We develop the best strategy that applies to your business.



We execute it.



Fine tuning.