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At first glance, forging ahead without a Google Ads [formerly AdWords] agency may seem appealing. That is why too many people squander their budget on the wrong keywords— on words that aren’t really returning the investment made. In other words, it’s highly probable that the keyword you think best describes your product, or service, doesn’t match the keyword used by your potential customers on Google. After all, they don’t necessarily speak your industry’s language like you do; they’re just trying to learn more about the subject. This explains why we too often see companies cannibalizing their web placement budget. The results: disappointment, a low conversion rate, and the start of a dependent relationship with pay-per-click strategies.


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Analysis and strategy: These are the two keywords that guide our actions when our clients ask us to support them as a Google Ads agency. The first step to improve the performance of your campaigns involves properly identifying the marketing goals that your company wants to achieve. This in-depth analysis is essential to then target the best strategies to reach them. This may seem obvious, but when it comes to boosting your earnings, we take things seriously and are fully invested.Whether we designed your website from A to Z or we’ve just gotten to know each other, in terms of Google Ads [AdWords] campaigns, we can help! We take care of everything: from identifying the relevant keywords to creating your landing page and continuously optimizing the campaign throughout its duration.

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What does it mean to possess the Google Partner badge? Besides being a fun little conversation starter during the Happy Hour, this badge awarded by Google is a sign of the extensive expertise of the Google Ads agency that receives it. A web agency must conduct effective campaigns for their clients over a certain period of time for Google to recognize their skills and award them a partner badge. It’s something to be proud of, and we are!



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